Hello reader,

A lot has been happening around Greenwood Optical the last few months and we are excited for the future!
After a lot of hard work we finally acheived getting our website published and up and running. Next to that we got all of our social networking caught up so we can communicate and receive feedback from you guys!
Summer has been interesting with all the contruction happening here on 85th, especially when all the heavy machinery is outside of OUR door! There are a lot of new additions happening. Like new businesses moving in next door, recent changes to our staff and of course our selection of frames. We get new frames in every week so be sure to keep an eye out. On the same topic we have a frame show coming up in the month of September, the date is TBA but we will keep you all posted.
Gary is gearing up and preparing for an amazing trip/opportunity in October. He is teaming up with Eyes of Faith and Sight Ministries to head over to Kenya for a second time. While over there, he will be 1 of 5 Opticians helping fit villages with Eyewear.
As of right now that is all the news we have for you. In the future we will use this blog to tell stories and inform our customers of what is going on! But for now I am happy to give a general update. We hope to talk to you soon, any questions or concerns feel free to contact us, and if you feel inclined to do so, we would love it if you could help spread our Facebook or hastag us in a couple of tweets to get us started.

One of your local Opticians,