Seattle Eyeglasses @ Greenwood Optical – About Us

Greenwood Optical History

Greenwood Optical history and mission statement from the owner, Gary Masters:

I walked into Greenwood Optical in early 1977 looking for a job in the optical industry and found a home. Since that day, Greenwood Optical has made thousands of pairs of fine eyewear for people in the Greater Seattle area and many countries abroad.

Creating the best eyewear that can be made has been and will remain the driving force behind all those who work at Greenwood Optical. Throughout the years, we have also had fun making glasses for many TV commercials and local theatre productions.

In recent years, I have begun focusing more and more on using the “blessing” that is Greenwood Optical to help others less fortunate. From building homes for the poor in Mexico to dispensing reading glasses and sunglasses in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, Greenwood Optical is giving back.

Next, it’s back to Africa. This October, partnering with “Eyes of Faith” and “Sight Ministries”, I will be making glasses for the Masai in the Mara region of southern Kenya. To learn more about the amazing work we’ve been doing in Kenya, check out our Kenya page

Anyone purchasing eyewear at Greenwood Optical plays a part in helping the under privileged who are touched by ministries we join and support.

Thank you all,

Gary Masters LDO

Meet the Staff!

Gary Masters, Owner and Optician
Nathan Corbett, Optician
Nicole, Optician
Shawn, Frame Stylist and Buyer


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